Writora's powerful features make document collaboration simple and easy.  Best of all, Writora works with the software programs you already know and love.

Is it Google Docs?

No, but Writora makes Google Docs better.  Google Docs lets you work together and see each other’s changes immediately.  That’s cool, but Google Docs doesn’t give you a way to pick and choose among changes, doesn’t let your team members create their own “branch” of a document, and doesn’t give a contextual view of your document’s history.
Writora does all of that, and much more.


Microsoft Word Add-in

Use Writora inside of Microsoft Word.  Install our add-in for Microsoft Word, and you can enjoy all of the functionality of Writora from within the familiar Word environment.

Online Editor

Writora includes a built-in WYSIWIG editor, giving you easy control over document creation for you and every member of your team.


OrganicView is a single view, showing every change ever made to the document.  See who made a change, in which version the change was made, and if this change overwrote any prior changes.  Changes can be undone or restored from the OrganicView.


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